Well drilling

INTER ENERGY GROUP offers well drilling services for vertical, directional, horizontal, reconnaissance and operational wells. The Company provides comprehensive engineering support of well drilling, including the following:
  • preparation of all design and cost estimate documentation
  • development of environmental protection measures during oil-and-gas well drilling
  • drilling calculation parameters monitoring
  • casing running
  • drilling equipment selection and supply
  • drilling supervision services
  • well drilling support, including core sampling, logging, perforation, drilling-mud engineering services

Well workover

INTER ENERGY GROUP offers efficient well workover services, skilled use of state-of-the-art equipment, materials and technologies. The Company performs the following works:
  • repair and insulation: disconnection of watered intervals and individual formations with cement and polymers, adjustment or building-up of cement column
  • well cementing
  • analysis of plugging material, development of cement mortar formulations
  • elimination of casing string seal failure: plugging, clad installation, running of additional smaller diameter casing, partial replacement of a casing string
  • remedial actions for accidents occurring during well operation or repair
  • extraction of underground equipment from wells after accidents, bottomhole cleaning, fishing in boreholes, etc.
  • changeover to other beds and commingling of formations
  • introduction and extraction of safety packers
  • underground drilling works: side-tracking in order to prevent accidents occurring in the well during operation, side-tracking for opening of additional productive capabilities from shafts of low production and water wells
  • well survey: formation saturation and workings survey, production casing check, geophysical survey in horizontal wells
  • well preservation and depreservation


Enhanced oil recovery

In order to optimize hydrocarbon production and increase of well output significantly, INTER ENERGY GROUP offers proven methods of gas production stimulation:

  • hydraulic fracturing (HF)
  • well acid treatment (WAT)
fracturing (HF)

Hydraulic fracturing is one of the most popular methods of the well workover, oil-and-gas wells stimulation and increase of the well intake capacity.

HF allows reactivating idle wells where oil-and-gas extraction using conventional methods is impossible or marginal.

Today, HF is also used for development of new oil-and-gas formations with low output where oil extraction using conventional methods is unprofitable.

INTER ENERGY GROUP has all the necessary special-purpose equipment required for HF – a hydraulic fracturing fleet including pumps, mixing tools, acid resistant tank fleet.

INTER ENERGY GROUP has all the necessary special-purpose equipment required for HF – a hydraulic fracturing fleet including pumps, mixing tools, acid resistant tank fleet.

INTER ENERGY GROUP offers full range of hydraulic fracture services, including:

  • salino-acid fracturing (SAF) used in carbon reservoirs
  • acid hydraulic fracturing (AHF) used in carbon reservoirs
  • HF with hydrocarbon-based liquids
Well acid treatment (WAT)

INTER ENERGY GROUP offers well acid treatment as an effective method of cleaning the productive layer from contamination products, which enter or appear in bottomhole area during drilling, casing cementing during operation.

WAT increases rock permeability, capacity of oil and gas wells, as well as well intake capacity.

INTER ENERGY GROUP has extensive experience in salino-acid treatment (SAT) of carbon reservoirs and mud acid treatment (MAT) at terrigenous reservoirs.

WAT effective implementationis ensured due to:
  • availability of comprehensive range of WAT equipment and acid resistant tank fleet
  • customized approach to selection and development of salino-acid compounds taking into account well construction and physical and chemical properties of formations and produced fluids
  • sludge solubility study using selected acid solutions and compatibility check of solutions with formation fluids
  • supply of acid solutions into the least responsive formation compartments
Acid solutions used by the company:
  • corrosion inhibitors providing reliable protection of well equipment
  • mutual solvents preventing emulsification in the formation
  • complexing agents which prevent water-insoluble salt formation
  • surface active agents improving product carry-over after acid solution reaction with rock
  • retarding agents ensuring greater acid penetration depth and hence deeper formation treatment
  • the following is used if necessary: clay stabilisers, friction reducers, demulsifiers, etc.

Sales of natural gas

IEG group is a company with cyclical production turn-around, which includes: hydrocarbon extraction and sales of natural gas to end-users, short-range plans include the implementation of LPG through a network of own gas-filling stations.

Gas trading is an integral part of the structure of “INTER ENERGY GROUP”. IEG-trading is a stable and a reliable supplier of natural gas and other energy resources at the fuel and energy market of Ukraine. The company takes an active part in the Ukrainian gas market development, creation of equal, forecasted and stable legal conditions for market participants.

Existence of own deposits, professional strategic management, successful and stable experience of work with the behemoth companies of metallurgy industry and energetics as well as long-term contracts with major gas producing enterprises of Ukraine and Europe make the company more competitive and allow the IEG group steadily to hold the leading position in the domestic gas market, which in its turn makes it possible to create the most favorable conditions for the contractors.

  • Shipment of gas of own production.
  • Gas import.
  • Long-term contracts both with suppliers and with buyers of natural gas.
  • Provision of gas to large-scale industrial enterprises.
  • Flexible payment terms: payment every ten days, deferred payments.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Guaranteeing of fulfillment of obligations regarding shipment of gas.

Ultrasonic testing
of pipe welded joints (UST)

INTER ENERGY GROUP offers ultrasonic testing of welded joints (ultrasonic inspection). This is one of the most useful quality control methods of metal structures and products with welded joints (pipes, skids). Ultrasonic testing allows determining construction reliability and welded joints functioning life.
Ultrasonic testing of welds allows detecting the following defects:
  • mechanical defects (cracks, fractures)
  • metal fatigue
  • chemical composition changes
  • non-metallic impregnations
  • cavities
Non-destructive ultrasonic testing is used for quality control of such products:
  • cast sections
  • forged products and blanks
  • railway rails
  • valves and other products used in construction
  • pipes (water, gas piping, etc.)
INTER ENERGY GROUP specialists ensure the systematic and meticulous approach to UST using state-of-the-art equipment. The Company has a properly-equipped mobile laboratory for different researches.