generates and provides a hi-tech package solutions for effective performance of oil-and-gas, energy, and shipping companies.
INTER ENERGY GROUP core competence provides auditing current needs of companies, selection of optimal equipment, machinery and services, development, implementation and operational maintenance of integrated proposal.
INTER ENERGY GROUP has been established by accumulation of assets of several leading Ukrainian companies with successful long-term experience in domestic and international markets.
Combination of marketing, engineering and manufacturing capabilities of these companies, their references and highly qualified personnel has resulted in a powerful synergistic effect.
Today, consolidated potential of IEG provides effective development of both the Company and its customers.
IEG unique features are based on exclusive dealer partnership with leading Ukrainian and foreign equipment manufacturer companies and technology developers.


Company staff are:

Igor Abramovych

Company Career Education
  • IEG group was founded by Igor Abramovych in 2013 as a result of successful merger of assets of several leading Ukrainian companies with decades of experience. In March 2016 Igor Abramovych became the CEO of «Inter Energy Group».
  • Nowadays IEG group represents the companies, which have given a good account of themselves at domestic and foreign markets. Group resources are used in various business areas:
  • oil and gas industry: development of fields and construction of related facilities on the licensed sites of the Group, construction and maintenance of wells, extraction of natural gas, trading;
  • delivery of large industrial equipment to the enterprises of oil and gas, energy and transport industries;
  • energy industry: coal mining and coal bend, electric generation;
  • construction of residential homes and commercial real property;
  • road construction: designing, linear construction of highways, complete construction of road overpasses as well as repair and overhaul of road surface;
  • commercial real property: purchase, sale and leasing of large real property objects.
  • redemption of pledged assets from banks.
  • IEG group is constantly expanding its sphere of influence covering new lines of business. Thus far, the Company set up several large-scale projects, which will be implemented in 2017:
  • A network of stationary gas-filling stations will be set up in several business centers of Ukraine.
  • The Company is setting up a project for development of shale deposits, which belong to the Company.
  • Solar power plant is going under construction soon.
  • Since 2007, Igor Abramovych has held executive positions in leading companies of the construction, oil and gas and energy industries:
  • 2007 – 2012, Deputy Director of “KDS-Stroy”, “Kharkov Aqua Resource” and “Sigma-Etalon”. While working at these enterprises, Igor Abramovych has acquired priceless experience, participated in the implementation of large-scale developer’s projects of companies. Under his supervision was carried out the construction of residential buildings and commerce and office centers with a total area of about 60 ths. sq.m.
  • 2012 – 2015, Deputy Chairman of the Board of PJSC “Concern AVEC and Co” implementing projects in the field of commercial real property, media business and a number of social initiatives. The company has successfully implemented the projects of development of supermarkets, shopping and office centers, some of which include Platinum Plaza business center, AVE Plaza, etc. “Barabashovo” shopping center plays a special part in the asset profile. “Barabashovo” is the largest retail facility in Ukraine with the area of 75 hectares, it is the largest market in Eastern Europe, it ranks 14th in the ranking of the largest markets in the world.
  • 2015 – 2016, CEO of OOO “DV “Neftegazodobyvayushiaya company”. The company is engaged in energy generation, coal mining and coal bend. The company’s assets include TPP, mines and coal-preparation plant. Igor Abramovych refused to continue to manage “DV “Neftegazodobyvayushiaya company” after the controlling block of shares in the company was sold in March 2016, thus Igor Abramovych became the minority shareholder.
  • Since 2016 Igor Abramovych is the CEO of the Inter Energy Group.
  • Kharkov National Academy of Municipal Economy, Master of Economics
  • NTU “Kharkov Polytechnic Institute”, specialization – “Administrative management”
  • Ivano-Frankovsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas, specialization – “Geophysics”
  • National Technical University of Ukraine “KPI named after Igor Sikorskiy”, specialization – heat power engineering
  • Post-graduate training program in Kiev National University named after Taras Shevchenko, specialization – business economics
  • London school called «St. Andrew’s Cambridge and London School»
  • Family status
    Married, has four children.
High qualification, vast practical experience and constant professional development of the staff allow IEG to solve problems of any complexity and scale effectively.

IEG comply with the best international standards of corporate governance in a way that facilitates successful business development and strengthens the Company’s reputation at the market.

Service and production capacity

INTER ENERGY GROUP offers the full range of hydrocarbon extraction works due to a high service and production capacity.

Global reach

INTER ENERGY GROUP actively expands its market presence. Nowadays, Company geographic reach embraces Ukraine completely.

INTER ENERGY GROUP has long-term agreements with leading state-owned and private companies of electricity, oil-and-gas sectors, railway industry.