generates and provides a hi-tech package solutions for effective performance of oil-and-gas, energy, and shipping companies.
INTER ENERGY GROUP core competence provides auditing current needs of companies, selection of optimal equipment, machinery and services, development, implementation and operational maintenance of integrated proposal.
INTER ENERGY GROUP has been established by accumulation of assets of several leading Ukrainian companies with successful long-term experience in domestic and international markets.
Combination of marketing, engineering and manufacturing capabilities of these companies, their references and highly qualified personnel has resulted in a powerful synergistic effect.
Today, consolidated potential of IEG provides effective development of both the Company and its customers.
IEG unique features are based on exclusive dealer partnership with leading Ukrainian and foreign equipment manufacturer companies and technology developers.


Company staff are:

High qualification, vast practical experience and constant professional development of the staff allow IEG to solve problems of any complexity and scale effectively.

IEG comply with the best international standards of corporate governance in a way that facilitates successful business development and strengthens the Company’s reputation at the market.

Service and production capacity

INTER ENERGY GROUP offers the full range of hydrocarbon extraction works due to a high service and production capacity.

Global reach

INTER ENERGY GROUP actively expands its market presence. Nowadays, Company geographic reach embraces Ukraine completely.

INTER ENERGY GROUP has long-term agreements with leading state-owned and private companies of electricity, oil-and-gas sectors, railway industry.